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plus one military advisor (Zinni) said in advance

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that we were going in "too thin." but again, where were the nay sayers? nobody spoke out in advance ( i did but i mean the big guys) they may have voiced their concerns, but nobody of main stream prominance voiced a huge doubt. Even General Zinni was a Johnny-come latelt in "reminding" us he'd had doubts about the necessary size for a successful occupation of Iraq,and who listens to anti-war vetsd, anyhow? they want an expert to tell thm that the Iraq War is a stupid idea in advance? It would have been nice, but hey, the reporters were all embedded....the Iraq military advisors were all on the news shows....talking about strategy, equipment, weaponry, the troops, gung-ho.

And their assessment was in fact not perceptive. Zinni was not asked to do tv shows, and the rolling thunder shock and awe simply bypassed the towns with the Iraqi soldiers and captured the airport in Baghdad, the palace complexes, cordoned off a "green zone" built fortified installations and that was all.
We never took Iraq, not really, and we can't keep it.

Plus the ten thousand Iraqi civilians who died, some of them possibly soldiers with their families, and the posturing my God. It is the worst possible scenario.