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how do you know

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when you are happy? or homesick? or lonely? or outvoted? you just feel it, and when you put the most fitting words to it, it rings true all throughout your body.

poetry is neither right nor wrong. it either describes how you feel, or it doesn't. anais nin describes how she feels, and subsequently, how i feel.

billectric said something recently, on an unrelated topic, like... the rightness or wrongness of a thing is only in the believing it to be.

i believe that your unpoetic, hate-mongering, one-upmanship is wrong. but the only thing that MAKES it wrong is that i believe it is.

no book, i repeat, NO BOOK has a definitive list of rights and wrongs. none. that's because what's right and wrong to me, isn't the same as what's right and wrong to you.

those are only written within you. or, at least, they're written most descriptively by talented writers. nobody, nowhere, can tell you what good writing is, it'll just ring true thru-out you.