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I think you are the one in the closet. heh.

Cecil and I are on the front page of litkicks circa 1971. We have been posting to this site for many years, he since the inception of litkicks. We both are artists, I make jewelry and do the arts in crafts circuit, he is a painter of contemporary abstracts and very gifted. He has been writing poetry and stories since he was a child and will soon be a featured artist on Doreen's new site for creative folk. I dabble in writing as I enjoy it but don't take my haiku and poetry too seriously. I worked with children with cancer for many, many years before I started my own business. Burnout hit me and now I am my own boss, abet a bit lazy. I usually don't discuss politics with people as most have their minds shut harder than a steel door...lately, I am finding it a bit stimulating and thank you for the repartee.

More than you wanted to know, but hey, you don't get out much...most of this is old news to those around here.