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Poetry or not is secondary here. But OK, and what kind of junk is that?

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Poetic or not? Well, I think not, and that's just my opinion -- poetry's in the eye of the beholder, you see.

I haven't noticed any larger meaning in that excerpt -- nothing allegoric, or figurative, or connotative, or symbolic; no simile or metaphor, no metonymy or synecdoche. Iow, what the fuck are you talking about? This is a pretty literal-minded chunk of text. No Four Quarters, like I've already said, no multiple semantical layers.

But suppose I'm wrong -- fine: go ahead and show it. Deconstruct, enucleate, interpret, speculate, clarify, elucidate, give an exegesis, shine the bright light of your original hermeneutics on this caliginously obfuscated piece of poetry that you say it is. Give us a bit of literary criticism here, clue us in on some of what is hidden.