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No (whoops)

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I don't work as hard as they do and I pay taxes on what I earn so I have documents galoore, unfortunately. I also dealt with those families that waded the river because they couldn't get the medicines to save their children's lives or get the quality of medical care that they could get here. I worked with extremely compassionate oncologists who helped them for no charge...the families had to smuggle the chemo back to Mexico...for the long term treatments. Most of the undocumented workers in this country are just like us, trying to make a go of it and support their families. Are you making fun of people that only want to make a better life for themselves?

You got it figured out huh? Nothing new left to learn?

Check please...

Mj...I apologise...I got carried away...I don't think that is what you were saying. Too long on this board today. I need a break...sorry.