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ah, OK then, I didn't know it was off topic by design

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I, to a greater or lesser degree, do agree with this. There's a huge grain of truth in there, I think. I'm a bit nitzschean in that respect (not rabidly, but moderately.)

>> "War is an ordeal instituted by God, who weighs the
>> nations in its balance"
I think this is true. Over time, statistically, nothing tests human groups like war -- and also forces them forward developmentally. It's been definitely so historically. War, violence, force come first. Everything else, after, based on, and depending on those.

>>"Its 'horrors' are a cheap price to pay for the
>>rescue from the alternative supposed, a world of
>>clerks and teachers, etc.
Not sure if it's a cheap or a dear price; it seems more like the latter to me. Othewise agree. Nietzsche wrote somewhere (forget where) somewhat relatedly, that the first outcome of a long peace is widespread stupidity. That is true, I think.

>>"Militarism is the great preserver of the ideals of
>>our hardihood"
Yes. Don't you think so? War is demanding; more than anythng else.

>>"War is a permanent human obligation"
Not sure: I don't quite know what this exactly means; but it may be so. In a sense it seems intuitive, though I haven't really thought this thing through. I'd have to start from reading the book it's excerpted from to see the overall context and how this thought fits in it.