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AIDS and Africa

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I watched a doco tonight about the AIDS epidemic in Africa. It was hard to take. I know we've all heard about this situation before, but I learned something new. It told of specific countries in Africa and the percentages of AIDS. They said parts of or all the Congo had 35% AIDS victims, for example. In many parts of Africa, many still believed that one could catch AIDS from talking to a person or touching their hand, and many parts of the continent, many still hadn't grasped the basic precautions of AIDS, even sometimes if it was available.

I don't know. I understand that many parts are third-world, or poor and many of the countries have been in civil war for years. It is just hard to see a continent that seems to have the worst AIDS crisis having also people the least educated on its prevention. And it is widespread that the right drugs are not available, and many suffer but just have their symptoms treated. Such kinds of things. Imagine that you live in a place where the AIDS epidemic is the highest in the world but the education is about the same as when America seemed to first discover its own AIDS crisis. It seems to many on the West side of the world that these things happen worst faraway, from great floods, to AIDS, it happens elsewhere bigger and worst. But what can be done about this. What more needs to be done, and who needs to do it? I'd like to say Africa should do it themselves, but I think they need help. I don't think the West (aka America and others) donating money needs to be enough. They need to send educators and teachers over and specialists to educate them on many aspects of things.
Sometimes people there are taught about it but I'm not sure everyone is listening, that could be the case for anywhere, but in Africa where the problem is biggest, you'd hope they'd all listen and take heed.