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The saddest of all continents.Why? I don't know.

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It seems to me that Africa has been, for at least my lifetime, the saddest of continents. From mass starvation to mass murder to mass death from Aids - I don't know why this is. I have several theories but they are nothing but theories. Africa and the condition it is in is one of the main reasons I detest the United Nations. Where were they??
Where are they??? It is also one of the reasons that George W. Bush is the ultimate hypocrite - If George W. Bush was a true "Christian" as he so often claims and America the Messiah that he also claims then he would be in Africa helping these poor souls. Instead we all know where his true intentions lay. Right now he has the perfect opportunity to play the role of the hero in Sudan. It just happens that at this very moment in history there are a bunch of murderous Arabs slaughtering people (Black African people) by the thousands in Sudan. It would be the perfect excuse for Bush to continue his war on terror (and against arabs too!!! and in a moral and just way!!!!!!) but where is he??? He has completely ignored this situation and because of this more than all his other faults we see him for what he and his administration truly are. Enough about George W. Bush for now. As far as Aids is concerned there is a far out conspiracy pertaining to Aids (especially Aids in Africa) - Many intelligent people beleive this theory with all they're hearts and souls. One such man is Dr. Leonard Horowitz who wrote a wild and thought provoking book (look him up on Google) concerning the Aids conspiracy. Personally I'm not sure but I have often had many private moments where all of stuff actually makes sense. Whatever the case Africa needs help.