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There's so many things I can say. On another note, on the doco, they were talking about how one of the countries, it might have been Angola, or Sudan or something they were saying there is oil there, and like that there is "more oil there than Kuwait". And I am thinking look they have a giant AIDS crisis, but wait 'holy shit' they got oil, let's go over there, then. It's ridiculous. I mean how would oil drilling help them? Likely as much as any other country. The buyers benefit, most of the people remain poor. Aside, there's not only AIDS that is the problem in Africa. The poverty, lack of development, civil wars & aftermath. I think the U.N. has been over there. I dont think they can fix the problem overnight. I think they can just put 'band-aids' on the problem oh, say. Then there are the nonprofit orgs or such as say Peace Corps that are over there often.I don't even know they really deal with the other problems like development and poverty but the AIDS crisis remains. And Africa is not the only place. They cover this problem in many parts of Asia and India etc. But they're really saying that Africa has the highest number so I ask then what needs to be done. Yes it's sad. It makes you want to go over there, kind of.