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In just one week we'll achieve 24 HOURS of World Poetry Party Peace to commemorate 10 years of Literary Kicks online. On July 23rd starting at noon ET until noon ET on July 24, Literary Kicks will become the 24 HOUR POETRY PARTY. It's going to be a very special anniversary party and we hope you'll be a part of it. 24 Hours of what LitKicks does best -- writing and having fun. This will be a full 24 hours of intense collaborative writing, so put the coffee on and bring your wristbands. We'll be issuing challenges, poetry "seeds" and mood suggestions throughout the event for writers to expand upon. The LitKicks Staff (known from here on out as the 24 Hour Funkified Poetry DJs) will be mixing the contributions in real-time to produce what we hope will be the worlds' greatest example of group writing and a chronological record of 24 hours in the life of planet Earth. We also plan to publish the final composition in our upcoming anthology, due out in September 2004.

We're excited and honored to be featuring new work by MICHAEL MCCLURE, ROBERT CREELEY, BOB HOLMAN, GEORGE WALLACE, CHARLES PLYMELL and many more... In addition to our special writing guests, we will also have party music provided by Paul Miller a/k/a DJ SPOOKY That Subliminal Kid and RAY MANZAREK.

Here's what you can do to help:

  • Spread the Word: Tell your friends, family and everyone you see about the LitKicks 24 HOUR POETRY PARTY. We want the entire world to be a part of this event. Send out a few emails (c'mon, you'll forward that chain letter but you won't pass on the party invite!?), tell the checkout lady at the grocery store or better yet, print out a few event posters and post them in your local library, coffee house, bookstore, laundromat -- you get the idea! Big thanks to those of you who've been out wallpapering your towns!

  • Send in photos: We're still in need of images to help decorate our party space and set the mood for this cosmic event. Send your original photos to Please include your membername, time the picture was taken and any other description you'd like to add. We ask that each member send in a maximum of 3 images and that the pictures are no larger than 25k. We'll be using these images throughout the party to help inspire and amaze you as you participate in this global groupwrite. For more details, see our News page.

  • Show Up and Have Fun: It won't be a party without you -- so be sure to stop by for any or all of the 24 HOUR POETRY PARTY. See you there!

    Oh... and What are you reading?

    -- The LitKicks Staff
    Caryn, Jamelah and Levi (the LitKicks Guy)