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Mass Extinction, but who cares?

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While we are busy playing our games, screwing each other, politicing, fighting, and generally engaging in our typical selfish human behavior, we are creating something far beyond what the destruction of what a huge meteor did to the dinosaurs that signaled their demise.

Those that care and are in the research fields are alarmed at the rate we are destroying our environment. A rate that takes ones' breath away. For instance, in just 30 years, it is estimated that one fourth of the worlds' mammals will no longer exist. That's a big chunk but is only an example of the increasing destruction we humans are wreaking.

Oh, I know, it has nothing to do with what we deem important and really, who cares? We had better stop and think about what it will mean for our own human-centrist lives. Some of you are thirty years, there will be no more elephants, rhinos, tigers, chimps, gorillas...the wilds will disappear, mainly due to our unchecked populations and greed for what we can have without regard to the future of our untidy little nest. The planet will survive, albeit diminished, but our own survival becomes suspect if we can't reverse and BECOME AWARE of the cause and effect of our actions.

By not signing the many treaties that have been put forward to directly support and help protect the environment, the USA, supposedly a leader in this 'modern' world, is the leader of the pack in dissing the validity of environmental concerns and alarms. Of course, the US is not the only guilty party; worldwide, the survival of other species falls to the immediate wants of man. Japan and Norway are hastening the demise of many whale species by recent actions to overturn moratoriums on whaling. The rain forests are falling in the tropics to logging, farming and population growth...and on and on.

Just recently the Bush administration made clear that it wanted to dismantal the wild spaces inititive signed by Clinton to protect the few remaining old growth forests in this country. The logging interests come first, screw the environment and 1000 year old trees. I guess he is just following in the footsteps of Ron Raygun who once noted, and I paraphase, 'If you've seen one tree, you've seen them all.'

But again, really who cares? I see a lot of postings here and I seem to be the only one that is concerned with this issue. It isn't as 'sexy' or interesting as war or famine or aids or pop stars or the news of the moment and besides aren't the riches of our planet there for us to plunder as we see fit? Who cares if there are no more orangutans or wild salmon? Who cares if all our forests are tree farms? Me, passionately, that's who. Do you? Unless we change, quickly, we will foul our nest and follow in the footsteps of those that we deem lesser beings. I bet this post gets little notice as all my posts on this issue have received and our apathy will do us in.

Mass Extinction