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I like what he had to say...

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although I don't agree with it
I did find it funny.(not funny but funny)
although some of it is funny.
Don't really care much for politics
Its seems like this mans education
(somewhere along the way)
must have interfered with his learning

This line is probably the funnyest:

"And finally, name any Muslim ................; that have been productive in one single way that contributes to the good of the World."

Paradox like
The Muslim's maybe somewhat reponsible for this mans missunderstandings, maybe they should have burned Aristotle's books.*

"Aristotle's system of philosophy was never as influential in ancient times as Plato's. Indeed, Aristotle's works may not have been published for some centuries after his death. After the fall of Rome, his work was largely lost to Europe (only Organon, his work on logic, was saved) while Plato's works were, for the most part, retained. However, Aristotle's books survived among the Arabs(Muslims), who valued them highly.

Christian Europe regained Aristotle from the Arabs (Muslims), translating his books into Latin in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. From that time Aristotle replaced Plato as the Philosopher. His views came to be regarded as possessing an almost divine authority, so that if Aristotle said it was so, it was so. By a queer fatality, it almost seemed as though his statements were most accepted when they were most incorrect."
This is a good paper if anyone is interested. However I never really cared much for aristotle. To much of (refering to aristotle) what robert pirsig in zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance calls 'the endless nameing of things.' But interresting none the less.

* Disclaimer...note:
I don't in anyway agree with book burning... unless its the kind we do in our heads.