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Our onetime Garden of Eden

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Could we add to the mass extinction, the millions of people in Africa or East India who are either ignorant or stupid in spreading AIDs..? Those that have been told repeatedly to use condoms but refuse for not accepting the facts? Not to mention people in so-called 'modern societies'? As AIDS continues to thrive among the worlds people, it is only because of ignorance or stupidity.

And it is just that, igonorance and stupidity of mankind, which is rampant globally that allows our biological diversity to become extinct.

Surely there is someone or something to blame... someone or some people out there in the world that has some answers to our fragile world. Yes, there are many pleading, shoving out the message to others, to other nations, to other leaders in the world, but those people seem to dismiss these things that threaten humanity in the long run... our grandchildren may indeed live on a planet totally unrecognizable to us in the near future... and there will be nobody to blame but our own greed and neglect, our own ignorance and stupidity.

The tools of spreading the reality of what is happening to our environment is in our hands. But people must be able to read, to think beyond the box of conditionings that have been built decades ago... this is a new world we live in, a world that depends on acceptance of new ideas, new information, the newly discovered links that make us, the human being, what we are and can be.

The ideals of the past, our philosophies, our religions, our politics are what is preventing much of what has been noted by the so-called "tree huggers" and worse, to take full root in fertile ground.

How stupid we are when we think we need to eat whales in order to survive! Those that have eaten whales, what new revalations have they offered the world? Have they not lived and died an average life like others on the planet? Our insistence on using trees to get our paper, paper which can be had from hemp... a much more less costly to the planet alternative. Lumber for our houses, a practice that has been going on for hundreds of years can no longer be the basic principle for home building. We have rocks and concrete, we have steel... many alternative products, including recycling of the old wood. But no, we continue to strip the forests leaving land filled with stumps, tombstones for what once stood tall and "ate the pollution" that we have generated. Our hunger for more and more oil to satisfy an old tired economy....

We know that we are somehow all connected in one way or another... but we seem to disregard that truth, for our own insistence to outdo the other man is what is depriving the future of our species and all the other species upon this once fertile and diverse 'Garden of Eden'...