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Who Cares?

Posted to Poetry and Politics

Here's a little poetry to go along with my politics:

so who cares?
suburbia abutts the wilderness
the backyard poodle
is just a tasty snack
for mother cougar
or the hungry wolf pack
the hiker, the biker enjoy
sojourns in mother nature
but fall prey to the grizzly
isn't that just like her?

at the river's edge plays a child
easy prey for the ancient alligator
with his toothy smile
maneaters! maneaters!
man, place them in a pile

deep in the forests of the congo
a family of chimpanzees forage
their shrinking world encroached
their fate decided long ago
their trees just some boats
nevermind the their cleverness
and that is our approach

at the edge of the forest
a tiger, burns in the night
he has stripes nature provided
but he can't hide from the hunter
with his high powered sights
that see his freedom behind bars
just a showpiece on parade

the greatest sin is our vanity
Narcissus would be proud
for we are all that matter
on this, the sacred ground
life everlasting, but just for a few
it doesn't matter a bit
if whales never spout or spew

so who cares?
It's a question I ask
we place ourselves above all others
we are the chosen ones
it doesn't really matter
other species given short shrift
their extinctions are so much fun...