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I think I used to be called smiling jack (edited a lot)

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Must be a joke, wasn't me who posted it. Nice poem though, I like this bit a lot

"Sunshine, lanterns casting lights
Would you fetch me summer’s warmth
I wish we could play as we used to
You holding my hand,
Like a panda bear"
Smiling Jack the comic strip went through a lot of changes from the twenties to the fifties, the one I remember was the profile, you never saw him full face. a one eyed jack.

"going to cut the tying lies, let my mind drift so blind, I won't worry what I am going to find, somethings going to know that I can't fall off the edge of my mind"
jitterbug song called thank god for nietzsche,
but considering how he wound up I maybe I can take a flying fuck off the edge, about the time he wrote it we met this dude who was being pursued by aliens that were trying to force him to either change his chromosomes or kill him self. amazing artist who was studing virology at NIH in Bethesda MD, I used to carry his virology text book around for years. Weird looking thing, almost as if he had used it for an easel or put his paint pots on it, abstract by accident very interesting I never tried to read the book but I would stare at the pain smeared cover, just one more comma, I've been trying to write a sentence that would make Jack Kerouac vomit.

Haveyou ever read a novel called "Short Timers" ?