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Hi Piph...

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Nice to see you. Please forgive me if I get sarcastic in my response to your link.

I know that the life we are living is borrowed time, in our geopolitical attitude, our dependance on fossil fuels is known to be limited. This according to many in the scientific and environmental field. The use of gas and oil has been our excuse for raping and pillaging what wild places that remain. Unless we get forward thinking enough to pay for alternatives, we are doomed but only in so far as our livestyles are concerned. Our species is not threatened as we are the most adaptable of all species, except maybe the cockroach. The government has used and still uses the threat of reduced oil supplies to open wildlife preserves to drilling, wage wars, determine national policies that disregard other species and the need for habitat. As I said before, we go where life goes and if we have no care, no concern for other mammals, eventually we will follow but not because we have no gas or oil... This country uses more than 60 percent of the world's resources. Think about that...

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