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The shamrocks

Posted to Poetry

She was a bit of a dreamer

I guess that's why I took to her right away

Cocain sniffer in her own times

Dreaming of shamrock fields

While drawing beers on tap

I was a bit of a dreamer

I guess that's why I took to her right away

Cautious joker till late at nite

Escaping the dullness of my days

We had a short conversation

It was nice and sweet

She told me where she worked

I promised I would come

She went into a frenzy


I came to her pub the 1st time

She was all getting wild and speaking french

Waving her long arms to mark the rhymes

I had some past or present, didn't care

I wanted her to be my future

Wanted her to be there

Her laugh and her deep english voice

Would make my heart crumble

I had to take another pint of Guinness

Just to keep me from crying

We'd met at a poetry reading

And also split at one

She'd met my girlfriend before

I could explain my plans

I'd brought her back a shamrocks necklace anyway

From the Dirty Old Town

She'd never been to Ireland before

Nice northern english girl

My gift to her, my way to wish her luck

Saying my goodbyes too

When she plaintively asked me to tell her about

The shamrocks fields in Ireland

I could feel the sorrow in her voice

I couldn't tell my love to her

She'd hurt me too much

I didn't want to be toyed with again

Off I went

I came by a couple of times to see her

She wouldn't talk to me

They say she's back in England now

Just hope she didn't throw the shamrocks at sea