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i voted

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for David Suzuki in a recent poll where people voted for their favourite Canadians.

and do you know... some fucking dickhead ignoramous, i don't now recall who, said to me that he didn't believe anything that came from David Suzuki because he'd heard that David had been a dick to his ex-wife.

i was like, "MAN, ARE YOU FRIGGING SERIOUS???? that is the most weak-ass excuse i have ever heard in my LIFE for ignoring environmental research and advice! i too have been a shady character at times, but does that mean i can't do anything for the environment? i don't give a damn who he's been a dick to, how many waitresses he's been short with, or how many bank lineups he's been rude in. he's a scientist who is interested in rescuing the planet! and i dare say he knows a damn site more about what's helpful and what's not than you OR his ex-freaking-wife."

yeah, i was like that.