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after finishing Crime and Punishment

Posted to Poetry

Rivers seemed precarious, and the bridges that
crossed them however marvelous structurally
like diving boards for those who
glimpse the mad truth of the heart,
vertigo gangplanks for
the few who detect an omnipresent desire
to slaughter small grubby landladys who oppress
dreamsick poets lying on buggy couches
in fevers, in love with the adolescent daughters
of officers and tyrants, skinny maidens
of impoverished fathers in tenements who live
to shove a revolver in a soldier's snout......

after ingesting a dose of Dostoyevesky
the sky's blue vault
mocked each aspiration to logic
or to civility; one could get on a mare
and ride into mexico, like a modern Svridlakov
carjack yuppies coming out of banks, sell heroin to
freshmen at some midwestern
university, quiver epileptic on some train like Myshkin,
gamble until some pauper’s death by syphillis

and yet the napoleonic icons that we fantasize as our
leading role lose, die, are busted by
the robotic zossima's of the bourgeoisie,
those countless primates rotting and rutting
in yellow tracts that stretch towards the desert's monotony...