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I'm glad

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Someone thinks so. Sorry. I tend to get a little carried away, mainly because I've heard so much more of Tfire's "discourse" than the rest of you. My main message was just simply to stop trying to batter away at his point of view. Mnaz keeps saying that he doesn't know why he bothers to reply to his postings at all. In that case, save your energy for better things and stop replying.

Mot-juste, you are apparently seriously interested in Tfire's opinions. I thought you were just playing with him, but now I realize that you two really have a lot in common. So go for it. You two ought to continue to talk -- and that goes for anybody else who wants to do it. But if you keep wondering why you bother to reply to him, then why are you doing it? That was my whole comment in a nutshell.

For my part, I know that there is absolutely nothing I can say or do or show to Tfire that will alter his sense of life one tiny little bit. I get some benefit out of his opinions, quite frequently, but I find it so emotionally and mentally draining that I've simply stopped participating. I do not want to learn from someone who refuses to learn from me.