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Solar heat burns the asphalt on the streets
Sending waves into your shoeless feet
That caress the mind
Stress of the kind
See the girl see the world bust a rhyme
Flower insolence and happy crime
Free flowing death strolling universal spawn
Rock Jesus hair till the early dawn
Take a hit roll a splif
Shake like drunk beathead chic
I ain’t got the time
But I have a jug-o-wine
Liver kill pain pill
Got too drunk and my drink spill

Set a beat, make a rhyme, repeat

Solar heat burn the universal spawn
Sending happy crime to the mind of the girl
Rock Jesus like a hit of the splif
Stress ain’t got no pain kill but flower insolence
See the free flowing jug-o-wine liver pill time
Death strolling beathead bust the rhyme
See the shoeless world chic roll drunk hit
Asphalt street waves in your hair

Unparalleled in the universe of straight lines
Keep the police away cause I can’t afford no fines
Take away all violent crazed from this scene
Bring in the sustained inane lucid dream

Lucid crazed inane straight lines
Unparalleled in the universal free flower mind

The floor is the door into the eternal circumstance
Lilies grow from the ground which expound on the sun
Which watches with one eye all but the dark side
That reflects off the moon and right onto this zoo
With the knowledge of the universe passed through the sub-verse

Solar beats passed from the streets
Flowing onto the moon zoo dark side
Which watches the girl rock sub-verse Jesus
Drunk, drink, repeat
Pill, spill, police, streets
Violent expound the eye of knowledge
Passed by the universal free flower beats
To the eternal door from the ground and the heat
This lucid shoeless jug-o-wine scene
Can’t afford the death reflects of the dream

Sun risen sin given hard livin’

Where is the flavor if you don’t have the funk
Where is the soul if the words are bunk
How is the weather when the people push you down
How is the music if you can’t hear the sound
What is a lover if there is no love
What is the abortion if you don’t wear the glove
Who is the man who can not dance
Who is the one that can bring psychedelic trance
When are the powerful ever going to flop
When are the questions ever going to stop

The girl is where the knowledge reflects off the sun

Expound on the free flowing jug-o-wine
It reflects death in circumstance time
Sub-verse Solar sun moon door
How is the sound when you hit the straight line
The man is who can psychedelic dance
Shake your universe shoeless mind trance
Soul is the weather of the flop stop sin given questions
Drink on the ground drunk from the sound
Dark side mind waves abortion the bunk
With the flavor and the funk