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A Liberal's Confession

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There was a time -- I'm ashamed to say -- when I was politically conservative. Twenty-some years ago, I might well have been a tfire or mot-juste. In many of their arguments, I'm haunted by echoes of my elitist past. I've argued, for example, that the general populace is too ignorant to have any hand in government decisions, and the vote should be allowed only to "qualified" individuals. Does that sound familiar?

Naturally, I blamed "the media" for almost everything.

The worst part is that I was adamantly convinced of the "logical" nature of my positions. (This was before I spent my last two years as an undergrad writing and studying logical proof. I now recognize that my concept of "logic" was anything but. However, there's no way anyone could have told me that then.)

I would like to go into more detail... There are some good stories here. But, as I said, I'm ashamed of this now, so it's rather difficult. Someday, perhaps, I'll put it in writing.