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Old Kurt should never underestimate the power of a banana-cream pie(edited)

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I been watching a lot of G-d Inc Television, channel twenty three in the Alamo, TBN, those people are still selling videos of Reagan's Funeral, they seem pretty happy with their Bushie boy. Very dangerous are all our Cro-Magnon religions. If Usama could vote in our election I bet he would vote for Bush I heard a guy on NPR say that forty five percent of the electorate will vote republican no matter what, that slice right down the middle of the bell curve, they want a theocracy.
I could edit this before posting but I will soon.

on the subject of the depression, the creators in "a society of mind" I was going to say it takes courage to rise above the mood swings, but then I though of Dave Garroway and his sign off line "courage"
I don't remember the reason he killed himself, everywhere i turn nowadays I seem to run into Freud, suicide mourning and melancholia, weird research I been doing on The Sylvia Plath effect

I suppose