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What about the book?
(the art of war)

I wrote the below a while ago.

Watch fallacy fall to truth in the end.

Watch big people with big egos drive big cars
with big mpg hit the little girl on the bike and lose everything to lawyers.

Watch the rush of commerce.
Watch the machines and the minds.
the minds
create the machines
and the machines
control the minds.

Watch barbaric yawp
and howling ghosts

Watch cotton gins
and capitalism

Watch ak47's
and communism

Watch birth give way to death a billion times over,
in a billion different ways.

Watch the cloud brew to the west
Watch the tree that never asks for rain.

Watch the people watching;
the quiet ones,
the ones
who grin and live.

Watch your own eye in the mirror
it might tell you more
than you want to know.

Watch it.