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My compulsion to write in wet cement and blank text boxes (html added)

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So many beat combat veterans. Gustav Hasford for one.

"One way the novel interrogates history is by demonstrating the power, and danger, of metaphors. Almost everything in this novel is born of or
becomes a metaphor, including the America" and the individual characters (for example, Joker, Cowboy, Gomer Pyle, and Animal Mother, a strategy which links The Short Timers to what poststructuralist critics argue is the operation of language itself"

I All Quiet On The Western Front it is hard to imagine how there could be anymore wars after the war to end all wars. Maybe if there was someone at Versailles with a banana cream pie to smack Clemenceau and Lloyd George things would have been different. I wonder about the last line in the original post on this string, depression, is he talking about war or being depressed should I feel depressed because of the war.

I just don't want to depress anyone else with my compulsive scribling

"If one is afraid of intimacy yet afraid of being alone, a computer offers an apparent solution: the illusion of companionship without the demands of friendship.
In the mirror of the machine,
one can be a loner yet never be alone. Lives on the Screen: Relating Person-to-Person via Computer."

A nice poem below, the best thing on this string