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a moment in transit.

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where are you?

(tompkins square: there's a girl, reading... poetry or something, into a microphone.
what the hell is she saying?
ah christ, something about--

((pidgeons. i've a whole head full of them,
preening, cooing, puffing themselves--

(((what an awful hangover

((((direct sunlight, the heat you feel:
infra-red wavelengths beyond the visible spectrum.
brightness: that's why the colors are dimmed--
that, and the whiskey i had been drinking

(she says: "i don't live in northern ireland,
beirut, in palestine, or iraq. i live in america.
i live in a war-zone."

((actually, you don't. my friend "X" lived in
a war-zone. people were dying every day in the streets-- and more to the point, he was killing some of them.
THAT'S living in a war-zone.

((((beyond the visible spectrum: i've been trying
to get my head around the concept of light, without
much success.


the pidgeons scatter.