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Ozzy putting correct face on Adolph W. Bush

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i wrote this for a post about ten feet below that no one will ever see at this point, so

re: Ozzy using hitler & bush's faces on his in-concerts videos . . .

i know i said here before that i do not find comparisons btwn bush and adolph inappropriate

nice to see Ozzy gets it too.

both invade other countries for absolutely no reason (except profit and greed, of course)
both inspire blind faith and rabid followers and clone-like thinking
both use patriotism and xenophobia to numb their minions
both used the same phrase and talk about "a new world order"
both alienated every other nation on earth while they boot-stomped into another country
both at first sucked in a gullible british prime minister on their side
both were from civilized industrialized western nations but went against western doctrine to invade sovreign nations
both suffered from chronic and advanced pride that blurred their vision
both used media manipulation to twist the minds of their working classes to kill for them
both used the military as a first resort instead of a last
both lied to their people about the dangers other countries presented
and i'm not positive of this last one, but i think both had dick cheney in their cabinet!
(little known fact!)