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my given nickname in pilot training, USAF, was

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"Willydick." It was given to me as an insult, I think, oras a macho pun on my real name, Willingham....but as I see it now, as harmless bit of fun, yet it did have power, and in fact, I became increasingly alienated duting the 53 weekz of pilot training, enduring it somehow and passing to get my wings, which I later tossed into a large crowd while speaking at an anti-war rally, lets see/ rally in May of '72/got wings in June of '70, so that's 2 yearsz later.
Recently wrote to a former pilot training classmate/now the top general of the Florida National Guard, on behalf of jailed nat. guard trooper Camillo Mejia/ at the bottom I listed in quotes my old nickname to ring a bell/he did not personally respond to me/ only a polite and dodge reply from his Colonel secretary....but the name as metaphor for what/a demeaning or a youthful brashness....yet it became for me a doorway away from their stupidity.