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The Sacerdotal Agapet's Diplomatic Immunity

Posted to Poetry

Maisonnette jalousie corrading,
Atavistic arriere pensee imbued,
An erstwhile intrepidity fading
Attrition, concupiscence accrued.

Merkins in odalisque reveries,
With an ambience of obdurate will.
For desideratums, anys and everys
When xerothermic, or misty zephyr chill.

Sir John Dandies and tongues bathetic.
Repudiated, marred amour proper.
Insouciant chagrin peripatetic,
More contraltos madrigal opera.

Serried with incandescent satyriasis,
Meretricious lissome trollops abound
Remunerated, to belie Isis.
Wayward anisotropic souls unfound.

A vapid miasma to the staid parson,
Cacophonies neglected the diatribes,
Of the lone conscious speaking of arson,
And lemmas to which he didn’t subscribe.

Under sedulous Uranic eyes
Venery ensued, with impunity.
The most sacred child flippantly defies.
With his diplomatic immunity