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Embrace Totality

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Very well articulated absurd. It brings up some interesting thoughts and discussion.

We encourage our progeny to succeed because ultimately, success is a marker for survival. The well fed cubs are more likely to survive than the starving, ravenous ones. Markers of success vary from society to society and acculturation. In some cultures, dropping out of school is considered acceptable and a mark of distinction within that society. To define failure or success just depends on a perspective. And to say that either success is a false concept and that failure is a true one is a judgement and judgements are what humans tend to do to measure what it is that they are doing.

Truth is beyond the measure of success or failure for all of us, as humans will experience both sides of this coin. To embrace one or the other is to dismiss one or the other. Rather than trying to be successful, we should do what makes us happy, gives us passion, provides a sense of peace for throughout all, we will fail and succeed in full measure. All that we do is a learning process and success or failure are temporal states. So beyond 'achievement' or success or failure is understanding of oneself and what makes our lives full and whole.