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It takes humans a long time to mature, as you may know. The frontal lobe which determines logic, reason and decision making doesn't fully mature until the mid to late twenties. Until that time, we can't be totally responsible and need direction, hopefully wise direction. Of course, that is not always possible or true. An eagle does not leave the nest unless forced but we humans tend towards indulgence instead of nature's course. Through the stages of development, we as parents (not owners, if we are wise) teach our children survival techniques in order for them to be successful and handle failure in a world fraught with danger. This is a natural course of things, and unfortunately we confuse success or failure according to social norms...not usually with a childs' inclinations or passion. Yes, we all are conditioned by all that surrounds us, the media, the church, the authority figures like teachers and masters. Hopefully we can impart in our children the ability to master themselves and understand the conditions so they can play the game we call life.

I must depart for now...thanks for the discussion and maybe we can continue it later?