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the most exciting VP debate in the history of VP debates

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or as somebody called this year's -- "Happy vs. Grumpy"
(boyant Edwards vs. grmpa Cheney)

let's see -- can i do this from memory

Heir Leiberman vs. Dick Chummy (actually, i remember commenting afterwards this was the best debate i had ever seen, but only george stephanopilus agreed with me)

96 - Gore vs. Kemp (the Role-Hemp campaign -- gore maybe won on points but he didn't defend clinton strong enough, and kemp looked like a bit of a pretencious pompous over-rehearsed and phoney)
92 - Gore vs. Quayle (again gore on points but no knock-out)
88 - Quayle vs. Benson ("You're no Jack Kennedy")
84 - Bush Sr. vs. Ferraro (very good debate, first woman ever, but she didn't come off strong enough or presidential)
80 - Bush Sr. vs. Mondale (can't remember this one, but Bush probably won)
76 - Mondale vs. Rockefeller ?
72 - Agnew vs. McGovern's runningmate, eagleton?
68 - Agnew vs. Humphrey's runningmate

then you're back to '64 when the Pranksters "campaigned" for Goldwater -- "A vote for Goldwater is a vote for fun"
which made me upset when i first read it cuz i thought they were serious, then i realized it was all a cover and a prank.
i'm sure they didn't have televised v.p., debates in 64.
i wonder when the first one was?

anyway -- just tossin it out there that this will be the most watched and probably most entertaining (and important) V.P. debate in history.