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isn't so absurd.
great peice. I am twenty one and incredibley rebellious.

Founded on Rebellion is this country. Founded on extreme acts is this country. Founded on manifest destiny is this country. Founded on God, Glory and Gold, is this country. Founded on freedom of ideal is this country. Founded on passion is this country.
A breeding ground of irrationality is this country.
A house on a hill is this country
A haven for terrorists is this country
A product of fear
is this country.

We fear what we do not know. We have no choice.
As in, being afraid of the dark, afraid of the abyss that lies below us
Afraid to travel the depths of thought and idea. To sink into destinty and dream, into places of more volume and pressure, into places that havn't been charted, fathomed, plotted and measured.
This universal fear is why
there is so many 'shallow people'.

they wade on the shoreline, questioning themselves, questioning thier own arm and lung strength, questioning thier stamina as reasoning beings.
Shallow people talk small because they percieve themselves as small. They percieve thier selves as failures already. They percieve the negative. Man literally see's through the darkest part of the eye. One must learn to shed the negative for the postitive or, in the end, die crying.

If we don't learn to swim, we shall remain in shallow waters. We arn't born for shallow thought, or shallow waters, but we arn't born with webbed feet or gills either. These attributes must be aquired through the mind and its eye.

We shall watch from the shore as the dilligent dive the depths of life and surface with gems multiple.

Diamonds created under pressure and heat over time they dredge up for all to see and praise.

Success lies in preperation.
I'm prepaired for the sea, the storm, the wave and it's crest, It's length, its trough, its calculated chaos.

The sea refuses no river.

Now is that so, absurd?