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kentucky derby day

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Kentucky Derby Day

The florescence-
Are flickerin’-
A dismal motel room-
The Kentucky Derby’s showin’-
On a Sears Roebuck television set-
A ridiculous pantomime-
Stares at-
Loretta’s muddy lizard skin boots-
A bony-faced brunette-
Lies on a dirty mattress-
‘n writes bad cut up poetry.
A queer lookin’ fella-
Pours bleach-
Over a dirty blonde.
We’re bein’ offered-
Cheap wine-
Sonny’s getting edgy-
I’m indifferent.
An overrated album-
S’ spinning-
Round ‘n round-
On an expensive record player-
A mustached Turk-
Pours a round-
Of Polish vodka-
I decline-
I never drink-
From an open bottle.
I turn my back-
On the scene-
I glance out of-
The cracked window-
The highway traffic-
Rolls by.