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hmmmm, i dunno.

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my mother was a push-to-succeed kind of mother. raised me to marry rich and be the perfect little party hostess and all that crap. had to be number 1 at everything, all the time. i rebelled with the force of a small hurricane. i embraced failure. and i suddenly found myself failing.

i became drug addicted, worked in the sex industry for 8 years, got a heap of debt, wound up in court with my crackhead ex-boyfriend, and my retired-cop prince of a father there to witness it all. spent some time in the care of a government system who were kind enough to provide me with free mental health treatment for a period of time. all this in the name of 'accepting my imperfections'.

i'm thru with failure for a while now. i'm ready for some success in my life. in fact, i think i'll embrace it.