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My Lai Massacre -- Related Story--Anyone have info on this?

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Years ago I read a book about the My Lai massacre, and I seem to recall an incident involving a rabbit, related to the training of Charlie Company. The story was that the sergeant brought a rabbit in for the soldiers. They all fed the rabbit and played with it, and it basically became a kind of mascot or pet. Then, one day, the sergeant assembled the entire company and in front of everyone, killed the rabbit with a knife. He basically told them that was what Vietnam was like, so they'd better get used to it.

Sorry for the downer, but this story popped into my mind recently, related to a recent incident at my school (now my FORMER school!). I wanted to get a copy of this story somewhere, and I no longer have the book. I suspect it's no longer in print. If anyone knows the book this came from, and/or the author, I would appreciate it. Even better would be a link to the specific story. I looked up a bunch of websites on the My Lai incident last night, but couldn't locate the story, or any reference to it. Thanks!