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A related story

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Whilst in aircrew survival training up in Washington state outside of Spokane, after our week of dehuminization POW training, we were taken out with minimal supplies for a week....I was given a little white bunny and told to kill it. It was petted by us and then held upside down by the survival guide an I was told to give it a karate chop to the neck. I thought about grabbing the rabbit and running for Canada, but, yes, I gave it a quick chop and it's sweet little neck popped and we skinned and ate it, about 6 or so guys. I ate a leg-foot.

Later we bought bread from a truck on the way back and I ate a half-loaf.....don't think we needed any more dehumanizing. Was in the Phillipines two weeks later in another survival school, then in Vietnam. I passed on your story-request to some contacts and will follow-up.