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what should i call this?

Posted to Poetry and Politics

dont we all try and justify our positions? No?

The friends around me take care of me! as I take care of them, sucking life like an overzealous teenage girl out to impress, we're eager, like a movement of people, revealing in our own liberation...

...busy ants, like the succeeded that have been there parents, attempting to justify themselves with what?

i'm superior, humbling myself everytime i take my free money and walk across the street and buy myself some drink, happy with it, rejected by my peers, patronised and vilified everytime I sit with the alchhy in his piss stained concrete slab sofa and listen like a student to the ramblings of a time when he was what! justified?...stared at! laughed at! Superiority is in the mind of those who concieve it..

would it not be the ultimate if I was to fail at failure! what a paradox..what an absurdity!

...what a burden to the world I must be