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wonderful poem(s), mr. spade

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(the russian mobster has the eyes
of a rabid dog; no doubt, he's been in
the cocaine again-- his bodyguard's
a cheerful, unassuming chinese man,
though of course he's packing a pistol
underneath that coat-- and though you
don't know it at the time, he's actually
a former shaolin... the man could break
a brick with his groin, for chrissake.
shit. the thing to do, in this situation,
is to pretend that you are very, very drunk
and incompetent, and therefore harmless--
meanwhile calculating the odds of smashing
a bottle across the back of the bodyguard's
head, and grabbing his gun ((given that he's
a shaolin, your odds are absolutely nil.))
fortunately for yourself, the ex-monk seems
to like you, though his master's practically
foaming. yes, the thing to do in this situation
is to buy everybody a beer.


enjoyed yir' poem, silas,