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The First Valley Girl Died Today

Posted to Poetry

The first valley girl died today
She was the first and one of a kind
She uttered the phrases that became so synonymous with that craze "Totally like fer sure" "Like gag me with a spoon"
She also set the style I'm sure you may have seen it before
Before she died she made out her last will and testment on the back of a Seventeen magazine
In it she stated that she wanted to be cremented and have her ashes scatted over her favorite mall
Her friends said "Ewwwww grodie" "Like no way fer sure"
But it happen anyway
So now the era that she perpetuated finally came to an end
When her ashes floated gently down onto her favorite mall
Her friends watched and after it was all done
They said "Let's like go to the mall totally like fer sure"