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Ubiquity of mind

Posted to Poetry

flashing the c-mos of your mind.
Driven lithargic by down beat institutions
and higher intensity designs.
Working at a fevered pitch,
these chemicals course through.
Addicted to design
stung by facts,
it is not to this
I feel beholden.

It is to myself
from myself
that I flow to
the furthest columns.

It is to this moment
of touch, the mendala
making me into this
God Moment

That Moment is a now moment
purposed by senses,
not mind.

It is on that stage of pure love
of which
we’re waiting backstage,
to be assigned parts.
It is to this singleness of intent
that I hold my will inviolet

It is to this singularity of thought
this explosion of what is not.

13 April 2004