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Dear Jimboloco

Posted to Poetry and Politics

goddamn them. And damn them again.

On the other hand, life thrives on life, and no matter how you slice it (tofutti loaf or meatloaf) that's the way it goes.

Still, I question the utility of this, unless the aim is to get you to completely disassociate yourself from a love of life and reverence for the lives of others, in order to be a killer-machine.

Why would YOU want this? I mean YOU--the person you are in your private thoughts and dreams? I am sure you would prefer to be a kind, compassionate, loving man, not some sociopathic wack-o knocking off animals and/or people because some asshole tells you to do it.

God damn them. God damn anyone who thinks it's good idea to "toughen us up" to killing and seeing other beings killed, and not do anything about it.

Please let me know what additional stuff you find out about this. In the meantime, I hope you don't mind if I print out your "rabbit-report" plus my queries. It's interesting and disgusting to me when people do these things in the name of some kind of "truth" ...