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If an international human rights organization were calling for investigation, then that would be a story. But it doesn't appear that anyone (e.g., Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch) is acting on this.

According to a Sydney Morning Herald report, former British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook (who resigned from Blair's cabinet over the Iraq war), has called on The International Red Cross to investigate. Austrailia's Minister of Defense, Robert Hill, is also said to have made "inquiries." However, there appears to be no official word from the Red Cross.

All we really have is a single reporter forwarding sensational accounts by two anonymous sources (who apparently are not "well-placed") in a highly volatile environment. Until there's more, I would keep investigating, but I think it would be irresponsible to run/air anything. If that's killing the story; then yes, I would kill the story (even with my liberal bias).

Again, it's appropriate for the Sydney Morning Herald to follow, because it's their journalist's story. But without direct access to these "witnesses," any other news organization would be on shaky ground.

Am I off base?

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