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to the hash pipe

or maybe I should, yikes

fairness? nope never used the word. I'd never ask for that, nor would I expect objectivity. But I'm glad to point out the glaring distortions and bias we find everyday.

I feel like I have an advantage here, really. I'm exposed to opinions and news slants I don't agree with every day. I can't avoid it. I'm immersed in it on a continuing basis. Look at this for example, I'm here. Are you taking part in a Right Wing forum somewhere? Is anyone here doing that? You see, the same can't be said for folks on the Left. They have to dig and put some effort into finding open discussions about other viewpoints they don't agree with. If they just take a status quo stance without making an effort to read,hear, see other viewpoints, they just won't get much at all.

So, you can surround yourself with what you agree with or you can't stretch and learn. But the path of least resistance is always there to pull you, and me.