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I heartily agree

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with you about judging a book by it's cover. I have never understood dating services for that reason.

I think it's automatic for some people, especially those that have been in really longterm relationships to want to recreate what was familiar, even if it stank. I've seen this stage go by pretty quickly though, thank Bob and I know my friend will not be in this stage for too long. She's pretty adaptable and very smart.

It's not a failure to be alone. Hell, I love being single and it would take alot for me to give that up ever. But I think that for someone who has always been in a relationship that being alone is a scary and foreign and very unfamiliar place.

In time she'll be incredibly happy. Happier than she could have ever imagined. I know this in my gut. I know what the relationship was like. I'm standing by her through this, and whatever it takes for her to get past this, I support. Even if it means looking at dating services.
It was really depressing for me though.....thus my little ditty.
I dunno. I've been pretty depressed alot lately. More than usual.
I'm trying to do good deeds in spite of it. Just seems like the best way to muddle though.