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It is, after all we've been through, really a comic absurdity, at least.
It needs to be investigated, of course. The papers were related to "port security" I heard on one talk show, I think MSNBC's "Hardball."

But the issue of objectivity and qualityy still prevails in my mind.
For instance, the memory drawing I did of 3 Corps, South Vietnam at the height of its destruction was subjective yet factual and after all, a history of a bi-partisan war perpetrated by both Democrats and then Republicans. The polarization of the American public began taking shape during this time and has had periods of exacerbation, such as this time, now. I feel a real sense of urgency.

Now I can stretch and learn as much as anyone,; how do you think I got to my present perspective?
The path of least resistance is as I said, interesting and a good concept for blocking debate or challenging forum as you inferred.
I am exposing you to my perspective. I think there will be some party lineup about this, but not anything scandalous, unless it turns out that the poor chap was either a doddering fool, horney and unfocussed, a spy, or a set-up. Interesting facts are unknown about the timing of this revelation, where it came from, the leak that is.
But all in all, how material is classified, who has access to it, and what is withheld from the public are all our concerns, else we have more plotting by elitist men in dark suits planning strategies in the corners of our lives. The "best and the brightest" got us into Vietnam and the scheming lying and clever Republicans kept us there and evolved us into the post-Vietnam era of Latin America militarism.

Once we dump Bush, the process of citizen inquiry and public involvement will continue, but my main point is that the quality of leadership has gone down and we can't stands it no more.

Hashish is ok, but not today. I am not against you in spirit at all. Take a tour of a combat zone, trauma somewhere. Be involved in healing out of despair.

I am exposed to right wing debate/I lived inside a reactionary conservative climate isolated for years until I began re-connecting.

I participate in forums, but they are not the rabid kind with trash talking. Being attacked is not my bag.