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It's Too Early

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Frankly we just don't know yet. But stuffing documents and personal notes (against the rules at the Archives in this circumstance) in one's pants and socks, then being caught on video tape. It's not port security information though. Try a key "after action report" and other information on the Millenium terrorist threats. If all this is true Sandy Berger, the former Natl. Security Advisor for President Bill Clinton, is in a world of hurt having been caught red handed. But then there's the issue of what he returned (copies only) and what he didn't (originals). Some information he has destroyed. But only the originals, of course. Check all this out if you don't believe me.

Yes, I agree that the timing of this is suspect. In fact this whole thing began last October. So why has it been hidden from the public until now? Why has it only broken now? The only reason this has come out just weeks before the DNC is because it's been successfully covered up until now. Perhaps asking Berger or Clinton why it's taken so long for this come out it appropriate.

I appreciate your perspective on Vietnam. However, from my perspective the urgency to bring our troops home from Vietnam is exactly why we lost, exactly why it was so meaningless in the end. If we had continued to be successful, as we were during Tet and at Khe Sahn, at the very least a stalemate like the one with N. Korea would have been achieved. But considering that the communist's call for a massive uprising all over the South during Tet never occured, I'd take a gamble and say that we probably would have driven them out of the South completely. It's sad that the protestors caused such a tragedy, only to result in an even further genocide in Cambodia. I cried when I watched the video of us abandoning our friends in Saigon. We started doing the right thing for the South. Then we betrayed them. I met this former ARVN this summer and I felt horrible when I asked him how he felt about it. But he showed me his scars and spoke of his prison time from 75 to 85, then he could only thank this country for letting him and his family come to the States, for a new life.

So yeah, we all have perspectives, I know. I don't know what this has to do with a party line-up, but it is what it is.

You may welcome polarization, I'm not sure. But to me while our troops are in harm's way it can only represent one thing: another prolonging of hostilities, both foriegn and domestic, and the potential to make it all mean nothing in the end, to make every soul lost without meaning, another statistic with no good to come of it.

Don't assume you know who you're speaking with Jimboloco. I've been actively involved in healing people for the past 17 years. Combat? Not exactly, but about as close as you can come in civilian life.