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Thanks, Jim

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for keeping in touch about this. I remember reading the rabbit story pretty well. I just want some documentation, in case, by some chance, I have an opportunity to defend my position.

I can only feel compassion for you and the other people who were brutally indoctrinated into the rituals of hate by the US military establishment. It serves them right that the actual effect was to wake you up and turn you completely against the war. I'd love to see the picture of you demonstrating, so my e-mail address is

I don't know how much I've shared about myself on this website, but I recently quit a lucrative job in health insurance to return to school. My ambition is to become a veterinarian, veterinary technician, or an animal behaviorist. I am quickly realizing that I had better go for the gold and prepare to become a veterinarian or at least a behaviorist. I don't particularly like being an underling, and the kids (I cannot call them adults, exactly) I encountered at the tech school are not very bright. I think I had better raise my ambitions to the level of my ability.

The My Lai rabbit story came to mind because of the recent euthanasia of a cat at the school. There was no logical reason for this cat to be put down. Our school cats all had mild URIs. These are quite common in the cat world, and healthy cats usually overcome them, sometimes with the aid of antibiotics. This particular cat was completely healthy and young. She accidentally aspirated her amoxicillin (or so we were told). She COULD have gotten aspiration pneumonia, but according to my vet, even if she had gotten that sick, it is no excuse for a death sentence. I absolutely blew my top when I heard about this. I had been seeing the cats regularly, and I knew she could have been treated and she would have been fine. It's just that the five veterinarians and 19 vet techs on staff couldn't be bothered to go to the trouble of treating her. So, she got the pink needle instead.

We keep getting told how we've "got to get used to" this sort of thing. I didn't choose this career because I want to wantonly kill animals or watch others do so. And damn me if I ever get used to standing passively by while others commit ethical atrocities! So, I wrote a very nasty four page letter withdrawing my tuition from the school. This cat just cost them $15,000. I doubt they care that much. The national advertising they do will certainly help them fill my seat with another sucker, more gullible than me. Lots of serious problems at this school, and I am glad that I dropped out before I spent more of my hard-earned money paying for the crummy education they deliver. But the poor kitty was definitely the last straw. Jerks. Now, every time I see their ad on television and hear their stupid slogan "for the animal's future; for yours" and hear the cat meow at the end I will think of this sweet cat that they killed because they were too cheap and too lazy to treat her. Jerks.

I only wish someone would kill me with a lethal injection the next time I get pneumonia. At least then, the law would go after the perpetrator and put him or her in jail on first-degree murder charges.

On the brighter side, this school wasn't for me. They ought to be exposed for what they are, and I've been thinking of going after them by creating a website for students to rate their AVMA-accredited vet tech programs. There are approximately 108 accredited vet tech schools in the US, and it's hard to know which ones are good and which ones aren't. The AVMA does not put out any specific information that I am aware of comparing one accredited school to another. So, when somebody sees the same tech school advertising all the time on Animal Planet, they automatically assume that a school that can afford national advertising must be really great. Animal Planet affiliation and direct connections with a nationally-syndicated reality TV show doesn't hurt either. So, perhaps this animal's death will cost them a lot more than they anticipated, in more ways than one. And I am researching other schools and have already found one that is 1000 times better and far far cheaper -- like, a fraction of the cost. The cat's death also caused me to think deeper about my future career choice, as above, and I decided I had better try to become a veterinarian. That way, I will be able to put my principles into action much more effectively.

Anyways, sorry for the long email, but I had to vent about this to someone. It's all been quite dramatic and disillusioning for me. And please DO mail me that picture, if you can! I'd really love to see it! You may not believe this, but there are actually some gen-Xers out there who strongly identify with the Sixties generation and what you all tried to accomplish. I met a wonderful young woman today in my neighborhood who is only 18, but has been deeply involved with "Peace Jam" for some time. We talked for hours about all her ideas and ideals. It gives me some hope that compassion hasn't completely died off on Planet Earth, yet. Peace to you,