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In Debate - Franken Explains:

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Here’s a guy that supported gay marriage, now against it.

This is a lie. Kerry’s position has always been consistent on this. I disagree with him, but Kerry has always been against gay marriage. He is for civil unions. What Hannity is doing here is taking Kerry’s vote against the 1996 defense of Marriage Act and deliberately misrepresenting it as a declaration in favor of gay marriage. But let me read you what Kerry said on the floor of the Senate about that vote.

“I will vote against this bill, though I am not for same-sex marriage, because I believe that this debate is fundamentally ugly, and it is fundamentally political, and it is fundamentally flawed….the results of this bill will not be to preserve anything, but will serve to attack a group of people out of various motives and rationales, and certainly out of a lack of understanding and a lack of tolerance, and will only serve the purposes of the political season.”

And on that, I totally agree with him. So, for the record: Kerry has been totally consistent on this. He has never flip-flopped. Sean Hannity is lying, and he knows it.

Sure it's posturing. But it doesn't take away from the fact that Kerry holds the same end position that most Americans, even conservative republican americans hold: They are in favor of civil unions but not gay marriage. But make no mistake about it, it's very clear that Kerry is NOT for gay marriage, period. Maybe next week though!

I was just wondering if he might lose votes to a 3rd party because of this. This should be big stuff. I mean it's such a hot item in politics and on the news every night. Oh, but they don't talk about Kerry being against gay marriage do they? Once again, you have to dig for this stuff, when it should be well known by now. If this position gets much press Kerry will lose some important votes, either to a third party or back to Bush. Contrary to popular belief there is a conservative republican gay community out there. Just ask Tammy Bruce and Al Rantel.