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Holly Jamolly!

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What's this? Noway! You mean...nah...

British report links al Qaeda, Baghdad

But if you don't believe that try reading this one:

We should try the MOSAD next or perhaps French Intel. How about the Indians or the Chinese. Well, if we can't get the answers we want there we can always try Syria, North Korea or Iran. They're all wonderful and trustworthy partners in the U.N. right? I'm sure they'll say there were no connections whatsoever.

Sit down with the U.S. report and a cup of coffee one day soon. I found that trying to reconcile the actual quotations in the report with how the report is being interpretted in the press, well it becomes quite surreal to say the least.

But then again the NY Times put the bogus story about a RUMOR of Cheney being dropped off the ticket, while the British report went almost completely unnoticed by them.

Guess what? Cheney isn't going anywhere and the British report barely had a flashlight shined on it.